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Architecture is the only tool we have that is capable of changing actions and lifestyles in our living environment.

ASCER (Spanish Association of Ceramic Manufacturers TILE FROM SPAIN) commissioned us to create a dynamic and versatile domestic space in which we incorporated some of the amazing quality finishes of manufactured ceramics produced by partners of ASCER.

We have developed a prototype house in which the design and the first approach was to break predictable scheme that were based only on customs inherited from the past. Our daily life has lost all type of ceremony. The current living routine is a result of past lifestyles and obsolete architectural living programs.

This house seeks to achieve routines that are capable of becoming rituals. Ceramics is a material that in its flatness can give us a huge variety of richness in three dimensions, with its textures, colours and highlights. It is a material that offers opposed connotations “Tradition and Innovation” continuity and change. “

The strategy was to work with the three-dimensional plane using all of the potential of the surface. In this house we are formulated a complex relationship between simple planes and complex planes that create a simple relationship between “in top-under, outside-inside” spatially opposite situations but are easy to combine because the qualities of the ceramics.

We are not talking about a unique area but a script that allows us to discover different spaces with an undulating route, in plan and section, that transforms the scale by expanding the space.

We are recreating a natural architectural landscape through the contrast of light and shadow on the different planes. As we move trough thehouse the different planes vibrate as a unit.

This space is a built manifesto of the idea of a new language in the domestic architecture which reveals the immense possibilities of transformation and flexibility of the domestic environment – the result – a new modern typology where freedom of movement inside the house, meaning that every room functionality is revealed over another.

In this way, each space is enriched by the other, offering an extraordinary spatial experience.

This experience, outside the established rules, was compared to using ceramic as a wrapping material that evokes memories and experiences in the subconscious of the user. On the other hand provides us with unique perceptual properties that cause unparalleled sensations.

Spatially and the ceramic surfaces give us a magical atmosphere of beauty, warmth, temperature, simplicity, innovation, durability, strength, efficiency and adaptability, making this a very comfortable habitat.