The multidisciplinary study RUIZ VELAZQUEZ architecture & design based in Madrid, in the last 20 years has specialized in expanding creative professional activity in carrying out projects from the discipline of architecture, design, communication and branding in the world. With the creativity, structure and capacity necessary to cover international projects that companies require.

The areas of intervention of the studio in the professional service of architectural projects are public buildings, offices and residential, houses and apartments. However, in the last 15 years, the study has stood out internationally in its specialization in commercial and business sectors such as retail projects, franchises, hotels, restaurants, fairs and events repeatedly required year after year by many of our clients.

The close relationship with the brands, their business expectations and the different target markets of each project, have allowed the RUIZ VELAZQUEZ architecture & design studio to acquire all these years of market knowledge and a very broad multi-sector expertis, which conceives the consumer from a wide spectrum of possibilities, and not only from consumption, but also from the social, anthropological and cultural fields.

The work team works from co-creation and expansive design thinking, which allows combining a particular creative essence that adapts to each project from the individual and collective contribution. Offering a global service and creative coherence for each brand, always in an international market environment.

The studio enjoys international recognition from prestigious references in the world of design, numerous awards, mentions in the world of the international press, communications on online design and architecture platforms. In addition to a dynamic training activity in conferences, workshops and collaborations in Universities, Specialized Events and Artistic and Cultural Centers by CEO Héctor Ruiz Velázquez.

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