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The headquarters of the Spanish healthcare and beauty brand Centros Único are located in the center of Madrid and exemplifies architecturally the style of the company, not only through its interior design but also through the atmosphere. These spaces represent the company commercially for the Spanish territory as well as for the international market. It is the flagship for a company that has expanded internationally because of its universal style.

The characteristics of the original floor plan of the establishment, where the offices, shop and training areas have been placed are distributed in basement,  first floor with street access and second floor, presented the difficulty to contain many pillars with a very limited height of space. The architect Héctor Ruiz Velazquez converted these complicated conditions in a favorable way for the project and its functional requirements without compromising space and brightness.

There is one big window to the street in the reception area and second floor so the first impression when visiting the facility is a big space with triple height, which distributes people and light in the different levels of offices. A tactical and elegant hall, conceived as a unique space, without clear distinctions, so that the lines and perspectives flow and make us vibrate, due to the energy of a whirlwind generated by the staircase from the basement and the platforms to reach the second floor.

The capacity of the author to transform things can be appreciated in details as the semi-circular staircase, which connects the first floor with the basement. It is a forged structure, covered by lacquered wood panels, which emphasizes the sculptural aspect of this element, transcending its functionality. 

The carefully designed illumination shapes the spaces and surprises continuously, for example, a three-dimensional line has been drawn from the handrail going through the whole establishment and its three levels, providing continuity to the space and accompanying the user throughout the space.

The materials used for construction recreate an image of naturalism, serenity and personal connection corresponding with the idea of excellency that the brand wants to offer in all its establishments. In order to transmit this image, special resources as wood lacquered in natural white, anthracite ceramics tiles EARTH for the flooring (designed by the architect for SALONI), zebra wood panels (by EGGER) that offer a richness in textures, as well as the elegant furniture by VITRA.