Biryani Pot
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Essences, spices and exotic Indian flavors in an unprecedented new gastronomic concept.This new brand restaurant designed by Ruiz – Velázquez ‘s Architectural Studio astonished all with the inauguration of its fourth establishment in just a year and a half since the franchise brand was developed by the studio´s office in Dubai.


The restaurant has been awarded the prestigious What’s On awards in Dubai and Abudabi.


The sophistication of Indian cuisine with the unmistakable odor of natural essences, spices and foods that give the name of a typical dish of India Cuisine it´s inspiration for the design of this unique space that the studio of the architect Héctor Ruiz – Velázquez developed. The design concept accompanies the project, that not only represents and offers the traditional food of a country but also invents a new modern style of food with a denomination of origin, wrapped in colors and materials that combine evocatively and reflect the richness and complex cooking style of an ancestral culture in an up-to-date way and allows exporting this product to international markets.


The realization of the design  project sought to use the materials in its most essential form- wood and cane- not only on the surfaces but also on the undulations of its walls and ceilings in a three-dimensional way to envelop the client in a special atmosphere that reminds one of the traditional scenes of a culture.


The scenery suggests traces of the unmistakable style of Indian celebrations with their festivals and crafts full of colors and magic. It uses the light dimly aimed with an intentional effect of ambient illumination that emphasizes its location of any space that surrounds it like a warm lantern synonymous with fortune and ovation of the light. Particularly noteworthy is the shelf mural, which serves as an illuminated warehouse, showing the pots of ingredients used for the well-known name Biryani recipe of a typical Pakistani-Indian rice dish made with a mixture of spices such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, laurel, coriander, mint and others that dress basmati rice and some meat with vegetables and yogurt.


This mural concept of the wooden shelves as a logistics warehouse is symbolized and reproduced again in some of the walls with the combination of chromatic and illuminated panels that reproduce perfectly the whole symbology and scenery of the brand of this novel gastronomic concept.


This sophisticated model of new cuisine is preparing a leap of continents from the hand of the architect with the successful design of global gastronomic concept, appealing to the senses, and the magic of Indian cuisine: traditional, popular and sophisticated, giving strength to the ingredients and the cooking to simmer but with a model of fast food current served from a timeless and very personalized concept unusual in this type of gastronomic concepts.