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The project consists in fitting the head quarters offices of Procarton, in the last floor of an industrial building.By recuperating part of the last floor of the industrial building, we take advantage of the area created under the industrial sloping roof that protects the building, making the space look much bigger that it really is.

This office belongs to the company Procarton its part of the industrial complex that the brand owns in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) Spain.

The clientneeds to create new headquarters (commercial department, office headquarters and the design department) that will offer anew fresh, modern and dynamic image of the brand.

In this project, the coating with a “noble” material is replaced by the recyclable and sustainable ”corrugated cardboard” that is produced by the brand Procartón. Like this the interior of the office also serves as a show case of their production. The corrugated cardboard becomes the protagonist of this open and luminous space, offering a rich and dynamic ambiance.

This project is the result of the manipulation of different types of volumes inside the space that remains under this industrial ceiling. We tried to take advantage of the zenithal light and the height that this space offers. In the upper part of the ceiling where the height reaches 4m we created a meeting room that seems to float between the main floor and the big tow slope of the industrial ceiling.

The dynamism of this unique space is promoted by the contrast between the main axis that is reinforced by the great sloping plane realized in corrugated cardboard, and the set of recycled and radial bobbins that create a great center of reference between all the volumes.