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Dubai is one of the latest restaurant projects by the architecture studio Ruiz Velazquez that has become a multicultural icon without boundaries.

 An excellent historical staging of the gastronomic New York Style of the twenties and thirties; a type of restaurant concept that recreates the atmosphere generated by the Italian migratory movements of other times, now in the heart of Dubai. A totally cosmopolitan atmosphere.  

Dubái is the new Italian trend restaurant in the prestigious shopping paradise Dubai Mall.The only restaurant in Dubai where you will find a truly Neapolitan Pizza.

The gastronomical project was co-founded by the creators of The Pizza Guys, Amber Haque and Rami Badawi. The British chef Jaeff Galvin (one falf o the high-profile and Michelin-starred Galvin Brothers duo) confronted the mission to create an original and authentic traditional Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Dubai.

The success and magic of the project implied for the architect to recreate in this space the nostalgic history of the Italian restaurants of the industrialization era in New York. Daydream spaces that have been created with materials as ceramic, black steel, brass, aged concrete walls and glass; materials which recall a new lifestyle as well as tradition and origins.

The contrast of warm-colored wood, firewood, ovens, pizza, earth and the Mediterranean… with the necessary and required sophistication and technique that mark the signature of the culture of Dubai, gives form to this project. For this purpose the space counts with two unique, traditional ovens, black authentic marble, mirrors of great dimensions and ornamental arches. All the details are meant to create a unique gastronomic experience that nobody would like to miss in the big city of Dubai.