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NEOLITH TEMPORARY KITCHEN LOUNGE BAR is a pre-fabricated architectural structure made of ceramic pieces of 3mm, 5mm and 1cm, easy to install for eventual use. Its design allows multiple re-utilizations in different spaces. It can be easily disassembled and stored due to the design of the structure and the materials used for its construction.

Activities of our times require the potential of adaptation and this idea has been transferred to the architecture of this KITCHEN LOUNGE BAR. The design is oriented on functionality for different spaces, talking as a reference the so-called “chiringuitos”, small structures for beaches or itinerant bars for fairs. These small establishments usually are placed provisionally in different sites and offer service for social meetings. Its design and construction are based on and inspired by its function and the structure is created with an architectonically flexible design, – in our case – adapted and updated and with a touch of sophistication and modernity.

These 70 square meters with its vital centre located in the kitchen – as social axe that unifies functionality – are build due to two floor plans in L-shape, forming the ceiling and one of the walls, inspired by the semi-occult effect created by Mediterranean shutters. You can reach the interior through a staircase, which separates the bar from the rest of the surroundings, offering the user to enter in a world apart, a space that converts into a centre for cooking, serving and sharing in a very human format. The rest of the architecture stages everyday activity surrounded by shelves made of the same material that evolves the space, not only because of its big format, but also because of his technical qualities for water, ice and oil as well as other basic cooking ingredients. These characteristics of security, necessary in culinary spaces, are matched up with decorative elements such as the fountain or the complementary furniture. Like this the functionality of the space orchestrates with melodic notes of romanticism, helping to create a pleasant ambient for social interaction.