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The challenge of living in 25m2. This unusual space for living presents amazingly shaped, three-dimensional corners that allow for day and night living spaces to be transformed with simple movements converting the table, stairs, ceilings or floor for another complementary use. There is a circuit that goes beyond the pure circulation between rooms; it is about trying to understand the arrangement of space through movement and through all the different levels and perspectives that make up the general cubicle aspect of this 25m2 house, leading to a new understanding of living space.

The functionality of each area is taken as a very important matter; the areas are not subdivided as usually done in contemporary houses but arranged in a way that allows free circulation that makes the space feel bigger than it really is. This creates a concept habitability of free space.

The natural materials of L´antic Colonial are complicit with this special form of joining spaces, adding to their continuity, because of the use of the same material for floor, ceiling and wall surface, not creating edges but exploring and exploiting the continuity of surfaces which is allowed by many of the natural materials used in this project. The stone walls that embrace the house are retro illuminated, shifting the perception of the real limits of the house and giving the inhabitant an even more natural feeling to this human modern nest.