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The design of a landmark building for an international furniture fair is usually associated with expensive buildings and bizarre shapes, but this building takes design to its original dictation: aesthetics, functionality and low cost. It was designed to be seen and perceived from above, from the outside and from the inside.

Living Nature is a building made with 2000 cardboard boxes and fabric umbrellas for the Habitat Valencia International Fair that can be easily assembled and disassembled using only cardboard and screws.

The building is located in the center of the Fair, the building it self is a small shopping center with four windows showing four types of Spanish lives.

The building holds a central plaza with a pool and a waterfall where the visitors can go away from the mass of people and noise of the fair and enjoy sunshine and tranquility of the Valencia climate.

The sustainability of Living Nature is not limited just to the material. The auto assembly, auto dismantling, storage and reuse are of great advantage also. This prevents excessive construction, transport and waste materials in the construction.