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“Emerge in this space of lights and shades is to enter an allegory to the Spanish geography, to the Spanish dynamic live, to his ideas and his passions. This dynamic structure is a totally interior surrounding that connects with the exterior thanks to dynamic forms that evoke the nature of a Made Spain rich in contrasts. This space was designed to wake up the senses up the visitors trough the vision in the form, the smell with the real grass in the floor that give the olfactory sensation of being outdoors, the tact by touching the real nature of the curve walls the follows all the trail, and the hearing by the cascade in the heart of the space. It was built in ten day all done in a metallic curve structure covered with Acrylic fabric. 

This space offers a symbolic vision associated with the soil, with the land, with the original and authentic. Ramps and elevations in real balance of the unlimited curves.

Well-deserved honoring where the manufacturers expose their elaborated products for outdoors: a careful selection to take ourselves to the pleasure and enjoyment of our landscapes and our climate. Products that are elaborated based in innovation, sensitivity and a competitive vision, which are nourished from our way of life, always creative and searching.

The Spanish temperament, so admired internationally, is opened and measures up every day in the exterior. From these open roots to the landscape, the Spanish producers offer us furniture impregnated with character.

The hall of the fair open itself to welcome everyone with  a new structure that represent fresh ideas and Spanish passions, a place where to walk and to observe every detail.

To enter across the Spanish geography in a real and dramatic spatial representation of lights and shades. An interior surrounding that connects with the exterior with dynamic forms that evoke the nature of a Made in Spain reach in contrasts.

The space invites and offers a symbolic vision associated with the soil, with the land: a natural surrounding where to exhibitions of the manufacturers appear in zones selected carefully in a classification that shows a real and life elaborated catalogue of the Spanish products for exterior.

Ramps and elevation in  total balance, the no limit of the curve , and the essence of the circle , the hall of the fair opens himself as a  welcome to a place where everyone can  walk and observe the all the details of what is show.”