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Product: A new concept of usability and service for the clients of the new car by Ford –VIGNALE, a luxury object with state-of-art technology, designed to every detail and thought of for fashion and design lovers.

The new commercial concept by the prestigious automotive brand Ford aims for a new level of service for its most demanding clients. Service beyond technological beauty and precision. Apart from its exclusive design it enters the terrain of fashion with its new line of accessories.

The project by studio Ruiz-Velázquez is inspired by these premises: FORD VIGNALE PAVILION is a spatial concept that aims to evolve the originating topic of the car design, creating a welcoming Pavilion, a stage where lines converge to unite machine and human being. In this case the architecture of the pavilion and the nature of the courtyard where is located in Madrid blend to become a new architectural expression.

The color white is the canvas that builds the frame for this scenography of luxury, service and exclusivity wooden line in the space evolve  the atmosphere where car and driver meet in a astonishing place beyond mere service and assistance of the brand to lead to the emotion of being part of a privileged club where everything is possible.  The architecture is enveloping, a way of getting to transmit the exclusive values of this project; shortening the distance between brand, product and consumer because all the lines lead from the exterior to the interior of the living space and captivate.  The floor is built  with a continues shine white floor , a material that provides a sensation of luxury to the architectonic wrapping. It stages the representation of a scene that invites to participate in this selective group; a set that puts in frame the experience in an unforgettable context for all senses. The architectural enveloping folds in waving, discontinuous and endless forms, almost as if it was a membrane. Like this the walls of the space transform into organic, cozy forms connecting with an embryonic nature, which everybody bears in their most essential memory. There is no compartimentation, but a flow of lines which conduct people towards its nucleus, towards the centre of the exposition, where the car is located, the protagonist of the film. The so-created atmosphere invites an intimate emotional state that helps people to connect with what they are seeing. The philosophy of the project is to unite, live and be part of something beyond the product where there is intimacy and exclusivity. But above all we find in this very special space created by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez and his team of multidisciplinary professionals the intention of the brand seeking to connect with something more immaterial, intangible, and almost spiritual, converting the car, a machine into an possible and achievable object of desire.

Architecture as a form of casing without recognizable limits as ceilings and floors (Levantina), with selected and exquisitely illuminated hidden corners, exposes the details of this philosophy. As if taking notes to create a culture, a trend in which the consumer finds the representation of his desires. With this intention the space welcomes the visitor to the VIGNALE world: a world of beauty, a selective environment facing people directly in order to offer itself in a clean, direct and transparent way.