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The Project CUBIC POP UP restaurant, designed for this year´s edition of Milessime Madrid by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velazquez, surprises with its mural, minimalistic structures in cardboard.

The fragility and lightness of the material contrasts with the roundness of the projected constructive system in order to impact with a visual and emotional effect, favorable for the event and gastronomy. The vivid and changing space, built with 800 strategically arranged PROCARTÓN cardboard boxes, produces plays of light and shadow; a space that, through its acoustical effect, creates an ambiance of peace and tranquility for the enjoyment of gastronomy and good friends.

FLEXIBLE, SELF-MOUNTABLE, QUICK, TRANSPORTABLE, STACK ABLE, ECOLOGICAL, SUSTAINABLE AND DISCRETE because  the focus of the project is the contents. This focus is responsible for the spatial form to the event: a delicate logistic engineering that allows covering the constructive necessities of this typology of events with cost-efficient planning.

There is certain synchrony with contrasting effects, which the highly valued Spanish gastronomy is trying to achieve. New challenges of tastes that seem to be something, but in reality, when you taste it, happen to be something completely different. In both cases the interaction with the user is one of the most important premises of the work; both intend to contact with ones senses and to provoke a change in our schemes of thinking.

The challenge of the event is to distribute the traffic of its visitors, create spaces for conversation and intimacy and to invite and facilitate the gastronomical consumption. For this purpose the solutions to the study of these types of spaces and events find year after year ways to create this commercial itinerary, which characterizes Milessime through its architecture.

The details, very important for this space, respond to a careful selection of decorative elements, which combine and complete the scenic idea of the project. The idea is to provoke in a way that invites the user to face what he sees and tastes with a positive attitude, receptive for surprise and discovery.

Paper-lamps and elements of geometric textile art by artist Natalia Palazón, break  the plain surface of the walls of the restaurant with the same breaking theory as the constructive system of the space.