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As a consequence of the rapid evolution of the markets, the consumer needs more than a good product or service. In the new market situation the client is difficult to convince, more demanding and less predictable; now the client requires something more active and personal, and for this reason they also pay more for the experience and emotion. Basically the method of “seduction” is to offer a lifestyle instead of a product or service alone. This strategy has been applied for a long time by marketing firms for their clients.

Therefore the container – the “wrapping”, where every idea meets its physical limits – needs to go beyond the simple exposure of the product or service towards an emotion, emotion for beauty, for space and for surprise.

In this project for Cenros Unico, we are searching for exceptional aesthetic purity, merged with functionality. The aim is to achieve omnipresent spatial beauty through resemblance of the interior architecture and nature in order to foment tranquility, peace and happiness as well as a magical atmosphere full of life. This atmosphere is what classifies each of the Centros Unico en another category, offering a timeless and unique character where time stops to enjoy the natural pleasure of cultivating the body.

The new architecture of Centros Unico, dedicated to care and treatments for the body, is architecture of murmur rather than yelling, of nuances rather than vivid colors, of essences and fragrances rather than smells or perfumes. It has weapons to manipulate the space until converting it in a itinerary, an exciting experience, appealing the senses of the visitor and is part of an individual experience difficult to forget. It adds a channel of communication for the brand, which contributes to converting “purchasing” or “service” in a unique and almost mythical experience. It dissolves the polarity of brand – client and provides a unique and distinguishing element.