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The idea of the project was to construct a housing prototype using a ceramic wrapping material that has no limits inside and outside and that would provide homes with a sense of the comfortable, natural, cozy, harmonious aesthetic, functional, healthy and durable environment.

We created this new housing concept where Techlam ceramic sheets of 3 mm thickness and with a format of 100 cm by 300 cm is given a special treatment that makes this material the undisputed star of the space. We can see how this material is used as a ceramic paper that can be bent and manipulated to make new ceramic forms never seen before. Techlam is a material that in its flatness by its thickness and size, offers a great versatility of application and multiple possibilities. Here this material becomes a driving force capable of offering the richness of work in three dimensions. “Change and Continuity” simply unfold with a new approach of using this material.