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One of the values we stand for professional architecture Hector Ruiz-Velazquez, is undoubtedly its ability to sculpt thespace. His inspiration in nature allows you to build backbone through a sinuous curve and slightly staggered this original few m2 apartment.

For this architect systematic breakdown of the traditional distribution of houses has become one of the prominent features of his career.The use of new materials, not only as replacement materials but as elements of a new constructive conception, let you in this case carry a black box ceramic slate finish covering walls, floors and ceilings. In order to create a fund that allows unlimited new spatial feeling of openness, and to contrast it with the powerful white curve vertebra space greatly amplifies the feeling of the apartment space.

The most vital movement that suggests the curve, not a purely aesthetic concept, but rather a functional excuse. In this volume lies in subtle, almost undetectable to consider all essential habitat of a traditional house: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Besides the rooms, the volume of space hides backbone furnishings and services, as all equipment or facilities are managed by the cabin’s body curve. Furniture, bed drawers and also sculpt it.

The result is exceptionally dynamic surfaces such as small square meters. The forms seem to dance to the movement of young resident moves freely in any part of the space. At the end of the curve at its two opposite points one part are in the heart of the spiral the private space that responds to the toilet and the other end is visible and exposed shower. From the entrance is hidden behind the last stretch of the curve from the kitchen interior perspective instead shown as a completely open space and very broad.

Trying to explain the plan of this apartment and to understand its construction, it is easy to see that the spatial concept that prevails in this unique space is that of life. Priority is given to the movement; the activity can be given on it and considers the distribution of an airplane mode. It turns out that the lines are not forming bounding space but are treated from the desire for continuity; connect to a larger reality that is outside the building. That natural connection that is often lost in traditional houses is the hallmark of the architect’s career.

To whom and to which is the house is concrete and respected the premise this work. And the result can like any other distribution, eating, sleeping, working or bathing, although the feeling is totally different wakes.

Other outstanding of the characteristics is the knowledge and treatment of light. The architect does not open just openings to the outside connection mode and therefore differentiation within and without. The light has an environmental function to create an atmosphere of recollection but also suitable opening, because in each incision made in the light curve is screened outside in a directed, homogeneous and continuous. In order to push the brightness of the curve to the dark side and opposite. Is that the contrast lighting that helps create the powerful essential personality of that space, but it does so without prominence studied humble but vital to space.

The objective once again of the work of the architect is to create spaces full of life, adapted to our new real needs. An applied knowledge of ergonomics spatial terminology that has come to be used more in the furniture sector in living spaces, allows you essential solutions, totally innovative individual, besides being extremely creative with the few meters that makes urban reality our disposal