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It is the innovative, eclectic and imaginative real art space that the Ruiz Velázquez studio has created for the Alvic firm at the Casa Decor 2020 event

This year we designed the Lounge Bar for the exposition, the space is more than just functionality and aesthetics, it is an imaginary scene of visual games created with panels and trimmed surfaces, furniture and perspectives in a distorted reality that connects the visitor with the prime material that transcends the authenticity of Alvic’s product in this welcoming lounge for the visitors and brand lovers.

The space is orchestrated in several visual planes: The blue plane with the murals and their huge empty circles, the central middle plane and the opposite arches of the corridor; the solemnity of a Neolith brand marbled white flat flooring and Alvic Luxe pearl gray details or inserts, all under the warm brick vault of the existing space.

The Luxeplus Indigo Blue wood panels in a gloss finish are trimmed creating an imaginary spatial geometry that expands perspectives in all the dimensions of vision offered by space from any angle. The floor plan of the space consists of a reception or entrance area, a refectory nucleus, a wide corridor and a counter and service bar.

In the core of the dining room or refectory, we propose an interesting game of geometry, based on the kaleidoscope and on the Japanese art of cut paper, kirigami, achieving an artistic-imaginary scenography with the symmetrical repetition of the shapes that will allow the visitor to delve into the artwork. To achieve this, a compact and empty habitable module is designed while it is replicated in a structural, functional and aesthetic way. The modules are fully constructed with Alvic’s Luxeplus material which magnifies the material’s vision beyond just a covering finish. The dimensions and perforations of the cubicle are what generates formal repetitions and visibility of empty planes, cutouts and arches so spectacular. This structural element expands the perspective through the reflection of those shapes with the mirrors to infinity and each adjoining space expands even when they are touching each other.

Inside this blue sculpture, visitors are immersed in a vibrant landscape of arches and circles that are reflected in all directions. A reflective landscape capable of creating a material reality, as if art were a pure direct and interactive experimentation

The design of each panoramic module has a narrow horizontal arrangement, in the center of which there is a middle artery that has two opposite benches, two opposite and at the same time intimate spaces which expand and meet at the same time. The material is the indisputable protagonist of this architectural performance, it is shown, glimpsed, touched and mixed with the air, which is what seems to cut on each wall of the space

The corridor is framed on one side by a row of blue arches that extend from the dining room’s core that look like buttresses and that contrast with the marbled white surface of the floor and the earth vault on the ceiling of the exciting space.


The entrance to the space invites the visitor to immerse themselves in an art space and to participate in it, it is the anteroom where we repeat on a mural the well-known artistic representation of the brand with the different colors of Alvic panels: Bordeaux, Curry, Pumpkin , Indigo blue, Aquamarine and Pearl Gray from the Luxe Plus Collection, a visual, attractive and decorative scenography totally different from the uniformity and serenity of the blue chosen for the interior of the space, a friendly color that inspires confidence, cold while passive and that contrasts with the movements and turns of volumes that stimulate the successive space as an artistic monolithic box of fullness and emptiness.