Maderalia Exhibition

For the Alvic company, Ruiz Velázquez proposes a stand concept that promotes the user experience appealing to the senses, and to an enjoyment of the chromatic aesthetics; with an application of the novel color, which enhances the usability and advantages of the company’s material in the constructive use.

3D ALVIC CONTRACT EXPERIENCE. Author: HÉCTOR RUIZ VELÁZQUEZ. Promoter: ALVIC. Installation: MV GROUP. Location: FERIA MADERALIA, VALENCIA. Surface: 90 m2. Realization: 2018. Photography: NACHO URIBE SALAZAR

“The box of desires, of illusions, where color does not have a predetermined place because it belongs to the imagination to find the place you really want; where the aesthetic canons have no owner, and each of us glimpsed what he really wants to see. ”This is how architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez describes the concept of his project for ALVIC; a stand that appeals to emotions evoking children’s constructions, full of creativity and fictional characters, where surprise arises and the visitor is motivated to explore the interior through the games of colors and textures offered by the brand’s multifunctional panels .

Formally the design recreates a domestic space in which a sequence of everyday environments – living room, kitchen, library, bedroom, bathroom – is presented, from a different perspective, with a changing architectural skin. Access to the domestic area is through a kind of water garden where a double-sided library filters the domestic area of ​​the exhibition.

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