New Lladró store in Barcelona

New Lladró store in Barcelona.
Retail commercial project.
Location Paseo de Garcia Barcelona

Delicate set design for the Lladró brand porcelain

The passion for refinement, the taste for detail and the scenery of delicacy. Preciosismo (la poussée précieuse) gives its name to the social and cultural movement of Baroque nature that precedes the 17th-century French classicism, and is the character and identity of the new exhibition and commercial space created by Héctor Ruiz-Velazquez.

Staging the virtuosity of the Lladró brand in its figures, vases, sculptural compositions, works that make up the essence of a business emblem, along with the brand’s new products, more everyday to use, but with the same involvement in detail Due to the peculiarity of the finesse or the gesture such as candles, lamps or jewels, it is something that only an artist can put on stage in the same space.