“For his creativity regarding concept space design, Casa Decor granted a well-deserved award to the architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, who this year designed Ford space.

In this avant-garde proposal, the automobile line was recreated through the use of concave mirrors which, with a play with lights, simulated the speed in this space where the visitor was invited to go through a virtual experience.
The architect received the award from Christian Pusso and Kersti Urvois, members of Casa Decor Management Committee.”

V Decoration and Interiors awards – Casa Decor 2017. The jury for the best Project and best original design awards was composed of interiorist Pepe Leal, Sofía Rodríguez, director of the National Museum of Decorative Arts, Manuel Blanco, ETSA director from UPM, Pilar Civis, Interiores magazine director, designer Helena Rohner and reporter Ana Domínguez Siemens.

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