ALVIC, the leading manufacturer of decorative panels, once again relies on the prestigious architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, this time, for the 54th edition of CASA DECOR 2019.

After the success obtained with the ALVIC Contract Experience project, Héctor Ruiz Velázquez proposes to create a modular, fully flexible apartment.

You can see it at CASA DECOR, Nuñez de Balboa 86, from January 24 to March 10.

The success of this new project of the study of the architect Héctor Ruiz, is the breadth in functions and perspectives of a plan of very small meters, a modern and updated version of Living-Lounging.

This new concept of housing maximizes usability and takes advantage of the benefits of the ALVIC company material to the limit, creating a type of constructive use totally outside stereotypes and decorative conventions.

A project where movement flows and where a new concept of intelligent habitability is generated, a simple formulation between planes, or what is the same, complex planes that formulate a simple relationship.

The project structures the space from three-dimensionality, in width, length and especially in height, one of the least used coordinates in the design of homes, and the challenge is visible in the few available meters of the project floor. Where it is possible to hide, save, show in all dimensions the uses and functions essential for the new life on this planet.

The objectives of the design is a space without limits, to escape from the classic horizontal compartmentalization of the rooms, to treat the project as a three-dimensional object, where each point of the house can be located specifying the coordinate axes.

Constructively it is a sustainable design, a model of eco-design constructive, systematized and articulated intelligently according to the needs of our times, a space built in a modular and fully adaptable way that can perfectly change scale and shapes.